Digital Marketing from the Trenches Live at the Hive

Digital Marketing from the Trenches Live at the Hive

Unlocking the Power of Automation to Scale Content Creation

May 13, 2022

You’ve probably heard the well-worn term “Time is money”. With content marketing, a lot of time can be burned on simple or repetitive tasks.

That’s where the power of automation comes in…

Content automation can help your team’s workflow, allowing them to focus on vital sales and marketing strategies to bring in those new and returning customers.

What's Working?

Good Marketers should be skeptical of automation

Technology is a great enabler, but it’s also a restrictive force as well.

Good marketers should be skeptical of, automation and technology in general, because marketing in itself is a really basic fundamental thing that has existed for a long time.

Automation is there to make things easier in the world of marketing.

Automation on the communication side is significant as well.

Few questions to ask before starting automation:

  • What is your goal?
  • Have you done this manually before?
  • Have you been doing it manually consistently enough?

Skeptical of Automation

What are the Pain Points of Content Marketing?

Knowing what the pain points are is the important part. It is important to generate original and authentic content.

Content Marketing Pain Points

Focus on creating a content strategy that ties everything together. Truly creating a social strategy based on what’s happening

Content Creation Strategy

Content strategy means:

  • What’s your point of view?
  • How are you creating content?
  • How are you post-producing it?
  • How are you distributing it?
  • How are you gathering analytics?

Pain points of content marketing

Marketers never make assumptions about their audience!

Effective Examples of Automation

There are many effective automation tools that we use every day for content creation:

  • Google Drive to store your content
  • Zapier for tracking systems
  • Air Table to organize content
  • Slack for communication

The really important concept in the world of automation is that it’s not about complexity.

Effective Examples of Automation

It’s about how you can automate things, which your team has done a dozen times a day.

That’s Wrap!

We’d like to thank Stephen G. Pope for joining us on this episode of Live at the Hive.

Thank you


Stephen G. Pope is the Found & CEO of SGP Labs. He helps companies & brands efficiently repurpose and distribute content across multiple marketing channels daily.

Using a mixture of business expertise, inbound content marketing, workflow, and tech/automation—He has developed the ONLY plug-and-play media company/system so that you can make more impact with your target audience.

And that means you’ll grow fast.