Digital Marketing from the Trenches : Live at the Hive

Digital Marketing from the Trenches : Live at the Hive

How to Implement a Successful Marketing Funnel – Putting the Fun Back in Funnel

September 27, 2021

Every business owner knows the pains of just missing a sale, but the real question here is, what made the prospect drop out at the last minute.

And, how do you ensure that this doesn't keep happening?

The answer is quite simple: You create a marketing funnel that works.

Let us show you how to implement a successful marketing funnel?
What's new?
What's new in Marketing?

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Shopify Reportedly Surpasses Amazon In Online Traffic, Heating Up Race Between The E-Commerce Firms - Shopify has reportedly beaten Amazon in a notable metric, online traffic, according to data reviewed by Business Insider.

TikTok Outlines Rising Opportunities for eCommerce and the Unique Potential for Brands in the App - As part of its ongoing growth and pushes to implement more monetization opportunities, TikTok has been increasingly leaning into eCommerce.

LinkedIn Launches Updated Lead Generation Forms Integration for Zapier, Providing New Automation Opportunities - LinkedIn has made collecting audience data a little easier by launching a new Event Registration trigger in the Lead Generation Forms integration for Zapier.
What's Working?
To ensure that your business does not lose any prospects, creating a marketing funnel that works is important.


Today, we'll discuss the importance of a marketing funnel and implementing a successful marketing funnel.
What is a Marketing Funnel?
A marketing funnel is a step-by-step process of a customer engaging with your business or product.

Like a bee attracted to honey, they notice your product or service, and their interest leads them through your marketing funnel.

It’s up to you to keep them engaged and nurture transactions.

Once that happens, you want to maintain their loyalty and have them return and spread the word about your service. 
Importance of a Marketing Funnel 
Here are a few reasons why your business needs a funnel:

* Customers ultimately pay us to move them from an undesirable “before state” to a desirable “after state.”
* Well-crafted funnels show your audience that they need your product or service.
* Instead of making a single sale, funnels will create return customers with lifetime value.
* Funnels are ongoing stories with a beginning, middle, and end. Stories build relationships.
* Funnels enable your customer relationships to develop naturally.