Digital Marketing from the Trenches Live at the Hive

Digital Marketing from the Trenches Live at the Hive

Instagram Fundamentals: From Zero to Hero

August 23, 2021

It's time to get serious about building your Instagram account and posting relevant content that your viewers will love, so what's the first step? Let's take you through the Instagram Fundamentals.

What's New?
What's new in marketing? YouTube adds video chapter listings in search, Snapchat introduces a new tool, Twitter announces DM improvements, and YouTube publishes a new guide.

YouTube Adds Video Chapter Listings in Search – YouTube is looking to enhance its in-app search tools, with new video chapters within search results, and expanded access to content in different languages to broaden search capacity.

Snapchat introduces a new "Trends" Tool – Recently Snapchat has brought about a new tool that will largely help brands to optimize their posts and advertisements thus making them rank higher, while also helping them reach their target audiences.

Twitter Announces Coming DM Improvements – Twitter has announced some new improvements coming to your tweet DMs, including new options for sharing tweets via private message, and improved navigational elements.

YouTube Publishes New Guide to Rising Aesthetic Trends – Even if you've heard of these niches, you likely don't have a full understanding of what they mean, and the context from which they've emerged, which is where YouTube's latest culture and trends report comes in.
What's Working?
Creating a successful Instagram account goes beyond just posting.

You need to explore the hashtags, content, and schedules that are used.


But don’t worry, we’ll help you understand the fundamentals of Instagram so you can bring your business from Zero to Hero.
Instagram Fundamentals: From Zero to Hero
Optimizing Your Profile for Business
Think of your profile as your homepage; this is what users see first.

* Profile picture - Include a nice image of your logo.
* Switch to a business account - This offers many additional features.
* Perfect your bio - Add a brief description of your company; who you are and what you do.

Warming Up Your Account
Instagram rewards you for using the platform the way it was supposed to be used.

Like and comment on various posts from following the hashtags and the explore tab to help you gain that added reach.

Creating a Content Plan That Works
Creating a content plan is crucial in staying organized and consistent on Instagram.

This entirely depends on your company and the audience you have. 

Curate your content plan for what works for you.

The Right Time to Post
You want your content to spark engagement, so understanding when your users are the most active is key to success.