Digital Marketing from the Trenches : Live at the Hive

Digital Marketing from the Trenches : Live at the Hive

Beyond Keywords: Understanding Search Intent

August 16, 2021

You've nailed the queries and keywords that will drive your SEO efforts.

You've created high-quality content that matches your query list.

But things may not be going as well as you thought.

Maybe your not ranking well enough for highly competitive terms that will drive motivated users to your website.

Maybe you do rank, you're getting some traffic but users are just visitors, they're not taking action.

What could possibly be happening?

To figure things out, we'll need to take a deep dive into Search Intent.

What's New?
What's new in marketing: LinkedIn adds reviews and ratings for profiles and native video meeting options, Instagram adds new audio tab to its search options, and Facebook announces new updates.

LinkedIn Adds Reviews and Ratings for Profiles – LinkedIn is adding a new review element to its professional services listings, which will provide another way to highlight the quality of your professional skills within your LinkedIn profile details.

LinkedIn Adds Native Video Meeting Option – After adding support for various third-party video providers over the last year in order to facilitate video meetings in the app, last week, LinkedIn quietly rolled out a new, native video option within its messaging platform, which provides another way to connect with users, without the need to download a separate video app.

Instagram Adds New ‘Audio’ Tab to its Search Options – Instagram has added the capability to seek for audio particularly inside the search tab within the app, making it simpler to faucet into traits based mostly on music clips, with a concentrate on Reels creation based mostly on the identical.

Facebook Ads Announces Updates to Targeting Minors, Instagram Shop Ads, & More – Facebook is updating the way that minors can be targeted, testing ad placements, and releasing a new tool for advertisers. Learn more!
What's Working?
When you understand search intent, it acts as that secret ingredient that brings your content strategy to the next level.

You are often sitting on amazing content but just aren’t ranking for the right queries.

This happens when the queries don’t match the intent.
Beyond Keywords: Understanding Search Intent
What is Search Intent?
The end goal a user has when searching a query in a search engine.

Most often than not, users search for specific types of answers or resources.

If we use “burger” as an example, there are various specific topics that users could use (burger recipes, burger restaurants, best local burger). Though the topic is the same, the intent isn’t.

Types of Search Intent
The 4 main types of search intent you will come across are:

* Navigational

* The user wants to find a specific page or site.