Digital Marketing from the Trenches : Live at the Hive

Digital Marketing from the Trenches : Live at the Hive

Copywriting Tools and Techniques to Help You Efficiently Create Killer Content

March 15, 2021

Content is king, and this week we're going to analyze that throne and look at some pretty cool copywriting tools and techniques that will help you write efficiently and create some killer content.

Writing good copy is hard. Anyone who has attempted this knows it all too well. It takes skill and practice, but you also need to develop a strategy and have a plan. Luckily, there are some pretty awesome tools available to help make the job a little bit easier.

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What's New?
This is maybe the best story of the year so far...but there's more, too!

Meet the 92-Year-Old Kitchener Senior Who's a TikTok Star - It's always cool to see your home town making the news, especially when it's wildly unexpected and so wholesome. Enjoy, folks.

CMOS reflect on how COVID has reshaped marketing 1 year in — and what they would've done differently - As we near the one-year milestone living under the coronavirus pandemic, marketers are taking stock of an industry that has changed rapidly and in ways that could be permanent.

What Google's rejection of post-cookie identifiers means for advertisers - Google has again disrupted the plans of advertisers and ad-tech providers looking to target and track consumers, saying that it will not build or use alternative user-level identifiers once third-party cookies are phased out.

Influencer impact is increasingly tied to diversity, study says. The growing importance of influencer marketing is a byproduct of the increased time people spend at home during the pandemic, Valassis' study suggests. Influencers have the power to humanize brands, making them an important bridge with consumers as they spend more time on social media.
What's Working?
Are you struggling with writing effective, killer content? Don't worry, friends, we all do. But there is hope!

Here's a handy tip!

Use copywriting formulas whenever you write anything. It eliminates the guesswork that makes a lot of bad copy, bad copy - and it helps you generate A/B test ideas faster and pinpoint the issues with copy, headlines, and video scripts.

Using copywriting tools and techniques will help you write better, develop the right tone for your audience, and teach you how to properly structure your content for eas-of-reading, SEO, and rich snippets.

Creating Cornerstone Content
Creating cornerstone content or content pillars is crucial to rankings and the success of your content.

Cornerstone content is the core of your website. It consists of the pages or posts you want to rank highest in the search engines. They are usually relatively long, informative articles, connecting insights from different blog posts, videos,