Digital Marketing from the Trenches : Live at the Hive

Digital Marketing from the Trenches : Live at the Hive

Ecommerce Strategies for Success in 2021

February 22, 2021

This week we're going to venture into eCommerce strategies to show you some great tactics you can start using today. We're reaching a point where eCommerce is no longer a "nice to have" but a MUST.

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What's New?
Do we have a hot new social platform hitting the scene? How have the current world events affected our shopping habits? Check out these great reads to see what's new in the world of digital marketing.

Will Clubhouse Be the Next Social Media Platform for Marketers? - Clubhouse, an invite-only audio chat app with a reported $1 billion valuation, is quickly becoming the talk of the tech world. Check out this article to find out why!

Digital-First Commerce Boosts Shopify's Earnings - The research also indicates an opportunity for brands to acquire new customers through eCommerce experiences, with 74% purchasing products from retailers new to them. Fascinating read! Check it out.
What's Working?
Ecommerce has become essential for the survival of many businesses. Consumer adoption of online shopping has accelerated dramatically in the past 12 months.

Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Landing pages are core strategies for eCommerce success.

But there's more.

Since we've covered these topics recently, we're going to dig into some less apparent strategies this time.

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Let's dig in.
Investing in SEO
When getting started with your eCommerce strategies, SEO is an essential first step.

You want search engines like Google to display your products before they display your competitors.

Being on the first page can be a massive boost to your traffic and SERP.

Truly effective eCommerce SEO requires reviewing your site and optimizing for SEO.

Technical SEO for eCommerce websites tends to be much less commonly understood.

Common technical SEO issues include:

* Slow load times.
* Broken links.
* Duplicate content.
* Security Issues.

Fixing technical issues will improve your site's SEO health and help you rank higher in the SERPs.