Digital Download with Paul Sutton

Digital Download with Paul Sutton

The Downsides of Personal Branding

November 10, 2021

Personal branding is a big thing in 2021, with much written on the significant business value of having a strong online presence and reputation. But among all the hype, no-one ever talks about the drawbacks of becoming 'known'. 
In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I talk to Jeri Williams, who runs Smooth Accounting. Since establishing a profile on LinkedIn in 2018, Jeri has grown a huge following of 48,000 people. But while that has brought with it many opportunities and lots of leads and business, it has also attracted the less savoury elements of the network.
From rudeness and passive aggressiveness to sexual innuendo and outright trolling, Jeri finds herself deleting comments and blocking users on a daily basis. In this show we discuss the downsides of personal branding, and whether dealing with trolls and abuse is just something you have to accept if you have a strong online presence.
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