Digital Download with Paul Sutton

Digital Download with Paul Sutton

Is Share of Search the Missing Link in Comms Measurement?

October 27, 2021

Share of search has been used in the advertising industry for years as a way to prove a causal link between advertising and business results. It follows the line of thought that one of the first things a person does if they become aware of something that interests them is to search for it on Google. So if you can track how many people search for your brand or product over time, you can start to correlate this heavily with core business outcomes.
While at first glance Share of Search may seem to have more in common with search engine optimisation (SEO) than communications and public relations, where or if your brand appears in search is irrelevant in this instance, as it is the intent of the user that matters. So understanding how your activity triggers internet searches is incredibly valuable. 
In this episode of the Digital Download podcast, I talk to Stella Bayles from Coverage Book and Answer the Public about where the Share of Search metric came from, how to calculate it, how to track search intent and what this proves from a communications perspective.
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