Episode 139: Donald Trump Accepts Comparison to Jesus? Why It’s Kinda Hard To Blame Him.

March 26, 2024

In a compelling episode of Didaché, Justin Peters discusses the concerning phenomenon of Donald Trump accepting comparisons to Jesus Christ, sparked by social media interactions and commentary from his supporters.

Peters delves into the implications of such comparisons, emphasizing Trump’s non-Christian status based on his own admission of never seeking God’s forgiveness and critiquing the evangelical leaders who endorse this blasphemous parallel. He points to the influence of Word of Faith and New Apostolic Reformation leaders, like Kenneth Copeland and Paula White, who have historically surrounded Trump, providing him with a skewed understanding of biblical teachings and his spiritual state.

Justin urges caution and discernment within the Christian community. He advocates returning to biblical truths and rejecting the prosperity gospel that has led to misguided beliefs.

*I mistakenly called it the International Church of Los Angeles. I meant to say Las Vegas. Sorry for the mistake.

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