Shattered Soulstone

Shattered Soulstone

Round Table – Patch 2.0.1

March 07, 2014

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

Patch 2.0.1 dropped sooner than many of us expected and with it came a lot of changes to the game. Has it changed the game for the better? And how does it feel without the final pieces of the puzzle coming in Reaper of Souls? We gathered a group of voices from the Shattered Soulstone community to find out their impressions of the patch so far.

Joining us for this round table was 9pad (@9PadGaming), Cyberwolf (@Cybrwolf0), Dr. J Dredscythe (@grindexp), Jaime (@JCMonkeyD3), Jesse (@HomeTownHero008), Scanline (@scanline75), and our very own Breja (@The_Breja).

If you couldn’t make it to our Patch 2.0.1 community round table fret not, there will be more round tables in the future. You can count on another round table happening shortly after Reaper of Soul launches. So go download Mumble to join in on the fun with us.