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Diabetes Discovery Podcast

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Episode 26: Healthy Year, Healthy You
January 15, 2017

Happy New Year, listeners! Let's talk about ways you can prepare for a year of your best health—from making doctor's appointments and seeking out diabetes education to renewing your prescriptions and building your support network. Find out about all...

Episode 25: Matters of the Heart
December 15, 2016

Let's talk about matters of the heart—figuratively and literally. Our first study looks at how couples counseling by phone can help people manage type 2 diabetes. Then we'll see why it’s so important for people with type 1 diabetes to manage their...

Episode 24: Self-Compassion and Diabetes Apps
November 15, 2016

Listeners, we have an opportunity to focus on a really pleasant topic: that of self-compassion, or being kind to ourselves while facing the challenges of diabetes. Then we’ll dial up some interesting information about the value of diabetes apps,...

Episode 23: Your Meds Questions, Answered
October 15, 2016

Get answers to some of your common questions about diabetes medications. Did you know which diabetes meds can help you lose weight or protect your cardiovascular health? You’ll learn about the different drugs available for diabetes—from the...

Episode 22: Gastric Bypass Surgery and Clinical Inertia in Type 2
October 06, 2016

Listeners, we’re going to focus on learnings from a study about gastric bypass surgery in type 2 diabetes, at 3 years after the surgery. Then, we’ll turn to a study that looks at clinical inertia in people newly diagnosed with type 2. Clinical...

Episode 21: Weight Loss in Type 2 & High-Fat/High-Carb Diets
October 06, 2016

We have two studies about T2 diabetes today. The first looks at weight loss and regain and CVD risk factors. The second is an analysis of a lot of studies that compared certain types of high-fat diets with high-carb diets and CVD risk factors. Lot of...

Episode 20: Type 2 Blood Glucose Control & Wearable Artificial Pancreas
October 06, 2016

Today we have a study that shows us that tight blood glucose control in type 2 diabetes for a relatively concentrated amount of time can have positive effects that last for years when it comes to the eyes. Then, we’ll turn to the world of type 1...

Episode 19: Get Fit, Don’t Sit & Lowering “Bad” Cholesterol
October 06, 2016

As part of today’s edition, we’ll look at the topic of sitting—or rather, how breaking up sitting with some brief bouts of gentle movement can improve type 2 diabetes. Then, we’ll look at the value of using treatments to lower “bad”...

Episode 18: Intensive Glucose Control
October 06, 2016

Hello, listeners! Thanks for being part of today’s diabetes conversation. We’re going to talk about intensive glucose control and what it means in terms of preventing long-term heart disease in T1D and end-stage kidney disease in T2.

Episode 17: Bariatric Surgery & Barriers to Diabetes Health
October 06, 2016

Today we’re focusing on bariatric surgery and a study that looked at long-term changes in fasting glucose and insulin to see if the type of surgery seems to matter. Then we’ll look at a round-up that discusses some of the reasons people and...