Diabetes Canada Podcast

Diabetes Canada Podcast

Diabetes 360: Season 5, Episode 4

March 31, 2021

Our podcast host, Krista Lamb, recently released the new book Beyond Banting: From insulin to islet transplants, decoding Canada’s diabetes research superstars.

For this week’s episode we’ve turned the tables and invited a diabetes researcher to interview Krista. Dr. Michael Riddell from York University, who has been a frequent guest on the podcast, puts her in the hot seat.

Dr. Riddell and some of Canada’s other diabetes researchers, Dr. Alice Cheng, Dr. Peter Senior, and Dr. Bruce Verchere, have all compiled questions about the book for Krista to answer.

Krista will be sharing stories from the book at the Diabetes Canada Take Control: Let’s End Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Conference on May 1st. There will be more than 20 experts speaking at the event, as well as a tradeshow section and much more.

Listeners to the podcast can attend for just $15 by using the code DCPODCAST when you register. Learn more and register here.