Design Blind Date

Design Blind Date

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$20k/m Finding Clients on LinkedIn
January 29, 2020

In this episode we chat with Josh — an 18 year old who is earning over $20k a month using LinkedIn to find web design clients. Josh and I chat about how he started his agency at 18, and the pros and cons of using LinkedIn for finding clients.

20: Podcast Break or Pivot?
June 18, 2019

The podcast is taking a little break while I'm figuring out how to do this more sustainably. I've you've got feedback - please send me a DM over on Instagram @ransegall

19: Finding International Clients using Instagram (w/ Anfisa Bogomolova)
June 14, 2019

Anfisa Bogomolova is a UX designer, teacher and self proclaimed "startuper" currently living and working out of Prague. In this episode we chat about her experience with living in Prague, as well as how social media has allowed her to work with large comp

18: From Creative to Teacher & Marketer (w/ Ben Burns)
June 04, 2019

Ben Burns is a brand strategist, award-winning designer, and an expert in user experience currently serving a dual role as both the Chief Operating Officer of The Futur and as Digital Creative Director at Blind. In this episode we chat about Ben's experie

17: Freelancing VS Agency, Improving as a Designer and More (w/ Claudio Guglieri)
May 30, 2019

Claudio Guglieri is a designer & creative director currently working at Huge in San Francisco, California. In this episode we chat about Claudio's experience with both freelancing and working in a traditional agency setting, as well as how he gained the t

16: Why Designer Internships Are Great (w/ Alexa Herasimchuk)
May 21, 2019

Alexa is a fellow Youtuber and digital Product Designer currently working for Zendesk in San Francisco. In this episode we chat about how she got started in product design, how her love for basketball has influenced her design career, and above all, her i

15: Building A UX Practice In A Small Town (w/ Katharina Clasen, Information Lovers)
May 14, 2019

Katharina Clasen is a UX designer and the founder of Information Lovers living in a small town outside of Stuttgart, Germany. In this episode we chat about her experience in becoming a UX designer, and the benefits and challenges of building a UX practice

14: Building A Design Studio & Income Streams With 4 Kids (w/ Matt D. Smith MDS)
May 07, 2019

Matt D. Smith (MDS) is an interface designer, business owner, father of four, and side project enthusiast running an independent studio in Athens, Georgia. In this episode we chat about finding time for design work, side projects and family, as well as th

13: Doing Work That's Bigger Than You (w/ Charli Prangley)
April 30, 2019

Charli is a Youtuber, podcast host, designer, and side project enthusiast who's currently working remotely for ConvertKit. In this episode we chat about Charli's journey of writing a design book, balancing full-time, freelance and personal projects, and b

12: Running A Remote Agency (w/ Yambo)
April 23, 2019

Yambo is an experienced 3D digital artist who has managed to build a remote agency with collaborators across the globe. In this episode we chat about how he got into the industry, his process when working with clients as well as the ins and outs of owning