S3 Ep 6 - Sun Awareness with Dr Sunil Kalia

May 16, 2022

May is Sun Awareness month and to mark the occasion we are thrilled to welcome UBC's Dr Sunil Kalia to the podcast to take questions about all things related to sun safety, awareness and what the CDA has planned for this month. 

And because it's a special episode, we'll be mixing things up a bit by taking questions from both Derm Residents and the general public. It's a lot of fun.

Dr Kalia is an associate professor of dermatology at the University of British Columbia and chairman of the sun awareness working group at the Canadian Dermatology Association. 

For more information on Sun Awareness Month and helpful summer sun tips, visit the CDA website: 

This is our final episode of season 3 of Dermalogues.

We'll be back with Season 4 next fall. See you then!

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