Diagnosis and Treatment of HS with Dr Mark Kirchhof

November 30, 2021

Dr Mark Kirchhof joins Kerri Purdy for this lively and informative conversation about how best to diagnose and treat hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), a chronic, systemic condition where an overactive immune system contributes to inflammation below the surface of the skin.

Our Resident questions this episode come from Dr Krystina Cleminson, at Dalhousie University and Dr Panteha Eshtiaghi of the University of Toronto.

Dr. Mark Kirchhof is the Division Head of Dermatology in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa and The Ottawa Hospital. He has a PhD in Immunology from the University of Western Ontario.

Dr Kirchhof has also appeared on Dermalogues' CDA sister podcast, JCMS Author Interviews, discussing medical cannabis and COVID-19 vaccines.

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