Cutaneous Lymphoma with Dr Raed Alhusayen

April 22, 2020

Dr Raed Alhusayen joins Kerri to talk over an important and complicated area of Dermatology, Cutaneous Lymphoma.

Topics covered include:

What clinical clues to look for in making a diagnosis of cutaneous lymphoma and specifically mycosis fungoides. Tips on when to biopsy, how often and the best technigues. Other investigations to consider in diagnosis and treatment. How to break the news to a patient. And the best treatments to use.

And worthy of such a complicated topic, this episode features a Dermalogues record number of Resident Questions including:

Danny Mansour from the University of British Columbia, Naomi Labonté-Truong of L'Université de Montréal, Matthew Hughes of the University of Calgary and Misha Zarbafian of the University of British Columbia.

Dr Raed Alhusayen is an assistant professor at the University of Toronto and an associate scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute. He runs a full-time medical dermatology practice with a focus on cutaneous lymphoma, hidradenitis suppurativa, and autoimmune bullous disorders. Dr. Alhusayen is the president of the Canadian HS foundation.

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