The Vulvar Dermalogues

April 09, 2020

In a rare face-to-face Dermalogues episode, Kerri travels to Darmouth, Nova Scotia to interview one of her mentors, Dr Mary Lou Baxter, about vulvar dermatology.

In their discussion the two cover everything from; the art of carrying out a thorough vulvar examination that is also comfortable for the patient; what the popular products are now that may be causing vulvar allergies and itch; when you might biopsy for genital lichens sclerosus; why estrogen based topical products are often so effective for post-menopausal patients... and be sure to stay to the end to hear #MaryLouSays, Dr Baxter's five key pearls of vulvar dermatology wisdom.

Dr Baxter is an Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University and co-manages the Vulvar Dermatology Clinic in Halifax.

Dermatology Resident Questions on this episode are from Suzel Fournier at Laval University and Fatmah AlZahrani at the University of Alberta.

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