Contact Dermatitis: not so "elementary my dear Watson”

June 13, 2019

Dr Kerri Purdy speaks with Dr Melanie Pratt, a world-renowned expert on contact dermatitis.  This is part two of our look at the Sherlock Holmes world of contact dermatitis. Treating this mysterious condition requires clinicians to trade their lab coats for detective caps as they hunt around for clues and search for allergens and irritants in fragrances, products and even furniture.

As you will hear, the process of discovering the culprit behind contact dermatitis is often far from elementary. In this episode, Drs Purdy and Pratt explore some of the most common irritants and allergens found in products.

They take a close look at specific problem areas, like eyelids, lips, scalp and hands.

And they review why patch tests are a critical tool for all dermatologists.

This is our last episode in our first season of Dermalogues but not to worry, we'll back with a season 2. If there's anything you'd like us to cover on the next season of Dermalogues, please send us an email  Or you can call our toll free number 1-877 Derm-log that’s 1-877-337-6564.

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