Wound know you need it!

April 02, 2019

Dr Kerri Purdy speaks with Dr Laurie Parsons, a dermatologist and wound care expert in Edmonton. They discuss some of the strengths dermatologists bring to the field of wound care. And they answer resident questions such as:

  • Approach to dressings in general (broad categories and when to use them)

  • What dressings are best to prevent scars or improve cosmetic outcome?

  • When should wound care be referred to a vascular surgeon? To a nursing service? Or when is it best for a dermatologist to manage?

  • How soon can you expect wounds to heal in simple and moderately complex cases?

  • What to do when you’ve tried everything you can think of, and the wound is not healing?

As always, the discussion goes beyond these specific questions and offers residents a wide-ranging look at this critical aspect of patient care.