Latest Episodes

S5 Ep4: Neutrophilic Dermatoses with Dr Alexandra Mereniuk
November 16, 2023

Or... Neutrophilic Stuff

S5 Ep 3: Derm Detectives with Dr Mark Kirchhof, Dr Sam Armstrong and Dr Mike MacGillivary
November 01, 2023

Dr Kerri Purdy and Dr Mark Kirchhof are the Derm Detectives

S5 Ep2: Immunobullous with Dr Regine Mydlarski
October 19, 2023

Complex Dermatology Cases and Conditions

S5 Ep1: Cutaneous Toxicities with Dr Maxwell Sauder
October 04, 2023

Dr Max Sauder is an assistant professor and the onco-dermatology fellowship director at the University of Toronto.

S4 Ep6: Cross-Specialty Conversation - Plastic Surgery with Dr Simon Frank
March 22, 2023

UOttawa's Dr Simon Frank takes Derm Residents Questions about Plastic Surgery

S4 Ep5: Cross-Specialty Conversation - Infectious Diseases with Dr Sumon Chakrabarti
February 21, 2023

A nearly COVID free discussion about the worlds of Derm and Infectious Diseases

S4 Ep4 - Cross-Specialty Conversation on Oncology and Melanoma with Dr Robyn MacFarlane
February 08, 2023

Dr Kerri Purdy and Dr Robyn MacFarlane takes questions from Derm Residents on Oncology and Melanoma

S4 Ep 3 - Indigenous Health with Dr Rachel Asiniwasis
December 07, 2022

Rachel Asiniwasis is a dermatologist of Plains Cree and Saulteux descent working from Treaty 4 territory in Regina and serving remote, Indigenous and northern communities across Saskatchewan