The Dental Head Start Podcast

The Dental Head Start Podcast

New Grad Focus #2 – Public vs Private with Dr Steph Ib and Dr Bianca Lee

November 09, 2022

Welcome to the New Grad Focus Series by Dental Head Start. Join us across a limited series of episodes as we take a deep dive into the journey of a new grad, covering various topics from multiple different angles. 

Hosted by Dr Phillip Nguyen

During our time in dental school, most of us will only work in a setting treating patients within the public system. But the statistics show that about 90% of us will work in a private practice when we graduate. So do you know the differences between working in a public job vs a private job? 

In this episode, we are joined by Dr Bianca Lee and Dr Steph Ib and we speak about the core differences of working in these different sectors and how they can change our growth pathway. We discuss topics like remuneration structures, work/life balance, opportunities to extend your scope and much, much more. If you are a final year student or new graduate listening to this episode, I hope you learn something new and perhaps it will open your eyes to working in a sector that you had not thought about much previously. Enjoy the episode!

Dr Steph Ib

Dr Stephanie studied at The University of Melbourne and attests her confidence and resilience in private practice to the challenging experiences that built her foundation. Volunteering for The Royal Flying Doctor Service inspired her to go beyond her comfort zone. Her solo practice during COVID lockdowns afforded her the unique opportunity to treat complex patients and under general anaesthetic in a hospital setting. Through this, her passion for surgery was cemented and she is forging a pathway to implants. She respects the privilege to change lives and encourages dentists to go above the norm to achieve their dream. 

Dr Bianca Lee

Dr Bianca Lee graduated from La Trobe University in Bendigo and has since had experience working in the private setting within metropolitan Melbourne. She has worked in various clinics that have allowed her to experience different types of patient bases, styles of clinics and opportunities to extend her scope of practice. Bianca’s interests lie in cosmetic and oral surgery/implant dentistry.


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