The Dental Head Start Podcast

The Dental Head Start Podcast

#31 – Dr Sahil Soni Gives Us Perspective and the Importance of Life Outside of Dentistry.

March 29, 2020

If you know Sahil, you know this is packed with useful advice, tips and stories to help you grow.

But it is also a roller coaster of experiences. Some of the highest highs and hardest lows in his life are shared with a simple goal - "if it will help one other person, it is worth sharing".

This philosophy has made Sahil one of the most respected dentists in Australia. And it is for good reason. He shares tips generously and openly, he shares his struggles and supports others going through the same. Along with Dr Steve Tiang and Dr Soo-wee Ong, he tirelessly gives his time to moderate and share our questions anonymously on DPR. And consistently, Sahil supports and fights for those of us in more vulnerable positions, often graduates.

Sahil generously shares in this discussion. We learn about why he pushes to achieve the dentistry he does. He takes us on the journey that took him from India to New Zealand, into dentistry and then his first few experiences with private practice. He shares his path into private practice and out of it again as well as the life events that precipitated this. And a chat with Sahil isn't complete without discussing rubber dam and tips for graduates.

This may be aimed at students and graduates, but for anyone in the Australian dental community, this is a must listen.