The Dental Head Start Podcast

The Dental Head Start Podcast

FEATURE #88 – Our Implant Journeys with Dr Graeme Pearson & Dr David Keir

November 05, 2023

If you’ve been a long time listener of the podcast, you may recognise some familiar voices in this episode! In this month’s Feature, Dr David Keir and Dr Graeme Pearson are back on the show to catch us up on their dental journeys and in particular, on their implant journeys.

Both David and Graeme have taken different approaches to their further education in the realm of implants. Whilst Graeme took a deep dive straight after graduation, is doing a GradDip and works within a surgically focused practice, David has done more online education over the years and recently undertook an overseas placement to get more experience having not had a mentor in the practice. In today’s episode, they both share the pros and cons, the challenges and lessons they’ve discovered so far in their chosen paths.


Going from zero to 1 in implant placement can feel like a quantum leap. We learn just enough at university to know that we don’t yet know enough, then spend crucial years solidifying the basics of dentistry. But where do you turn when you’re ready to start your own implant placement?  After years of learning theory, David was ready to go down this path and he was supported by Moredent, MGuide and the DIA courses including Live Surgery in Guatemala in July 2023. This has allowed David to not only go from zero to 1, but from zero to 30 and feel comfortable with each progression.  

If you want to begin your journey into implants, or you simply want to utilise a world class surgical guide and clinician support, then go to to find exclusive DHS discounts and pathways to implant success. Or reach out to David directly to get his opinion on which steps you could take.

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