Relationship Trade Secrets

Relationship Trade Secrets

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Married Folks: It Gets Better
May 05, 2023

Note: This is audio from a live stream. To watch the video version click here In this episode of our podcast, Oliver and Denise share a story about a recent incident that reminded them of a time when they handled a similar situation very differently. The

The Pit of Resentment
February 17, 2023

Are you struggling with feelings of resentment towards your spouse? It's a common issue in many marriages, but it doesn't have to be the end of your relationship. In this episode, we share an emotional recount of a recent incident that caused resentment.

It's January...You know what that means...
January 13, 2023

January is a time of resolutions, goal-setting, vision-boarding, etc.Have you set goals for your marriage for 2023? If you haven't, you should.In this episode, we discuss the importance of goal-setting for your marriage. We give some examples of goals y

When The Holiday Season Is Difficult For Your Spouse
December 23, 2022

The holiday season is upon us and we know that it is not joyful for everyone. Take a listen as we share our story on how we navigated the holiday season being difficult for one of us.=====To reserve your spot for Make Love Better: A 6-Week Group Coachin

Different Does Not Necessarily Mean Wrong
December 09, 2022

In our work with couples, we often find that one, or both spouses are opposed to change. For some, it's the apprehension of expressing the need/desire for change. For others, it's the fear of disrupting what's working for them, and their relationship may

My Hair, My Body, My Choice!
December 02, 2022

Should couples have to run their decisions about hair and/or physical changes past their mate? Couples sometimes find themselves at odds because one decides to do something with their body without first 'checking in'. In this episode, Oliver & Denise

Me And My Perimenopausal Wife
October 21, 2022

How do you navigate the 'seasons' in your marriage?Right now, we are journeying through perimenopause.In this episode, we discuss how we are navigating this part of our journey.We share some of the serious and comical moments and provide tips on how co

Having A Confidant That IS NOT Your Spouse
October 07, 2022

Do you have a person that you confide in (other than your spouse)?Do you need your spouse's 'approval' to confide in that person?What if your spouse does not like the person you've chosen to confide in?In a candid and unedited conversation, we talk abo

22nd Anniversary Pillow Talk
September 09, 2022

We're celebrating!! Our anniversary was September 3rd - 22 years!!In this episode, which we recorded at 1 AM EST on September 3rd (we're really laying in the bed), we talk about what was going through our minds at that time 22 years ago. We're letting yo

Trade Secrets - 054 - Anita Mckaney
October 29, 2021

Anita breaks down the 'S' word (submission) and gives us some insight into what a Titus 2 woman is!--- Send in a voice message: