Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorentz

Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorentz

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DRwJL – Hear Touching Stories from Participants of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s
September 17, 2019

Joe Ellis President & CEO of the Denver Broncos NFL Team with Jill Lorentz September 15, 2019 At the Denver Walk to End Alzheimer’s I took my producer and engineer Hank Bradshaw with me and we recorded the show at the Walk.

DRwJL – Understanding Memory Loss – If you had Alz, what would you want people to know about you?
September 10, 2019

Hi Friends - Today, September 10, 2019 is a show to think about memory loss and cognitive impairment in a new way. So often we just see what the person has lost, and how we are going to work with the symptoms we see on a daily basis.

DRwJL 9.3.19 – Mary O’Hara talks about Alternatives for Living with Frontal Temporal Degeneration
September 03, 2019

Today I had a wonderful coffee chat with Mary O'Hara, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the Rocky Mountain Neurobehavioral Associates. Her knowledge of FTD gives great insight into new ways to think about communicating with someone living with thi...

DRwJL – Strategy Show: How to Prepare & Conduct a Care Plan Meeting
August 27, 2019

August 27, 2019, This show tackled the subject of how to prepare and conduct a Care Plan meeting with the provider who facilitates care for your loved one. This could include the doctor, care community, home care, group home and others.

DRwJL – A Conversation with Dr. Samantha Holden Re: Lewy Body & Parkinson’s
August 20, 2019

Dr. Samantha Holden Assistant Professor of Neurology, Director, Memory Disorders Clinic, University of Colorado School of Medicine August 19, 2019, My guest today is Dr. Samantha Holden from University of Colorado Hospital.

DRwJL Calming Difficult Behaviors
August 13, 2019 August 12, 2019 is a Strategy Show – Calming Difficult Behaviors! How do we calm someone who is agitated, anxious, or having delusions?

DRwJL – Candid Observations on Living with Alz from People with Diagnosis
August 06, 2019

August 5, 2019 – I feel like this is one of my most important podcasts, as I share quotes from people with memory loss and cognitive impairment regarding what it is like to live with issues and activities of daily living.

DRwJL – Home Care Workers Share Their Best Practices for Loving Care
July 23, 2019

I had a fantastic conversation with three Home Instead Denver North caregiver’s where we discussed some of the hardest issues with bringing a caregiver into your home. What if your loved one won’t accept the care, or let them into the house?

DRwJL – Jill Gets Personal -Dementia Has Hit My Family Too Many Times & I’m Angry-
July 09, 2019

Jill & Her Mama Dee This is a difficult show for me this week. I have reached a place where I am angry and frustrated, just like all of you, that the dementia rollercoaster never seems to end for my family. Younger onset, meaning before age 65,