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Optometry Podcast: 2020 Eyewear Trends
June 29, 2020

This Podcast is in Partnership with Transitions What are the biggest trends in eyewear fashion in 2020? We sit down with Charlotte Hamel, Global Director of Communications, Events and PR at Transitions Optical and Dr. Melanie Denton,

Optometry Podcast: Reopening Eyecare with Drs. Katie Greiner and Justin Manning
June 24, 2020

Most optometrists around the country have reopened to patientcare after COVID-19 closures and are now facing the challenges of a new reality in patientcare. On top of navigating the financial setbacks, there are the new normal of performing patient car...

Optometry Podcast: Path to a Healthy Practice with Dr. Millicent Knight
June 22, 2020

This Podcast is in Partnership with Essilor As many of us reopen our practices, we’re facing a new reality about how prepared our businesses were for unexpected challenges. How can we recover quickly and prepare for a stronger future?

Optometry Podcast: Telasight with Dr. Ian McWherter
June 15, 2020

Do you ever call up your friends to ask for advice on a complicated patient case? Well, imagine if your friends were the top minds in their specialties – from Dr. Paul Karpecki advising you on ocular surface disease to Dr. Joseph Sowka,

Optoturban Podcast: Mentorship and Branding with Dr. Nishan Pressley
June 09, 2020

Mentorship Through her Ask Dr. Nish sessions, Dr. Pressley gives advice in 1 on 1 sessions on preparing for interviews, editing resumes and editing LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, Dr. Pressley strives to mentor others by being a role model for other m...

Corporate Optometry: Dr. Camille Cohen on Buying a Franchise Practice
June 08, 2020

Corporate Optometry Nation host Dr. Maria Sampalis interviews Dr. Camille Cohen about her recent purchase of a Pearle Vision franchise. Dr. Cohen’s practice was an established franchise in NYC. The podcast goes into what to look for when buying a franc...

Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate Episode 42: Diversifying in the Workplace
June 04, 2020

This episode we venture into an important topic about diversifying our work place. When we recorded this episode 2 weeks ago, we had no idea the tragedies that would transpire in our world to our black friends and neighbors.

Optometry Podcast: Telemedicine with Drs. Chad Morgan and Michael Samuels
May 25, 2020

There’s a temptation with routine eyecare restarting around the nation to put any utilization of telemedicine back on the shelf in optometry. But are there ways to continue to provide remote care for patients to meet their needs for safety and convenie...