Deep Impact Investing

Deep Impact Investing

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Saving Honey Bees & Ecological Agriculture (Ep. 83)
January 18, 2023

Honey bees are well-known and loved, but as the pollinator of 70% of the worlds food crops, their practical extinction is a cause for concern. In this episode, Kim Griego-Kiel unpacks how optimizing

What You Should Know About The Conservation Work in Southern Africa — Part 2 (Ep.82)
January 04, 2023

In the first part of this two-parter miniseries, Kim Griego-Kiel detailed her incredible experience traveling to Zimbabwe and Zambia with Priscilla Plummer from Global Sojourns Giving Circle. Now, in

Empowering Stories From Zimbabwe and Zambia (Ep. 81)
December 21, 2022

During Kim Griego-Kiels recent trip to Zimbabwe and Zambia with Priscilla Plummer from Global Sojourns Giving Circle, she visited the stunning Victoria Falls, experienced the rich culture of these na

Change Not Charity: Charitable Giving For Climate Change with Jack Chellman (Ep. 80)
November 30, 2022

The traditional process for giving money to charity can leave people feeling skeptical, but when it comes to donating to charities for climate change, applying a fund management approach can be the

VegTech™ Invest, The Revolution in Plant-Based Innovation ETFs ⁠— Part 2 with Elysabeth Alfano (Ep. 79)
November 16, 2022

Plant-based innovations in food play an important role in solving food insecurities. So, how do we reduce plastics in packaging without using animal-based materials? In this episode, Elysabeth Alfano

What You Should Know About Investing in Food & Plant-Based Innovation with Elysabeth Alfano (Ep. 78)
November 02, 2022

Changing what you eat has an impact on the planet, but changing how you invest has an even bigger influence. Investing in plant-based innovations has become more accessible. And a new plant-based inno

Long-Term Money Planning As A Couple: Here’s Some Must-Know Advice (Ep.77)
October 19, 2022

Many of us werent taught personal finance when we were growing up. But what happens when we decide to join households with our significant other? In this episode, Kim Griego-Kiel examines some must-k

Where in the World is Sustainable Healthcare!? (Ep. 76)
October 05, 2022

Having access to better healthcare is not just a mission within our nation but also worldwide. So, how to work towards a better system? In this episode, Kim Griego-Kiel explores the current healthcar

What You Should Know About The Current Water Crisis (Ep.75)
September 21, 2022

Water is life. But right now, water is also a messenger. If youre following the news, you know about the current water shortage, and how this situation is a warning sign of climate change. In this ep

Banking on Success Or Failure (Ep. 74)
August 24, 2022

Not every bank or mutual fund we give our money to has our environmental impact values in mind. In this episode, Kim Griego-Kiel takes a deep dive into how you can be smarter about where your money i