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Episode 69: Bucket of Deep Fried
January 13, 2021

Welcome back crispies! This week were coming at you with some of our bucket list items. We get to talkin about the good old days, and reflect on the things we value as mature (old af) adults. We hope you enjoy!IG: deepfriedpod

Episode 68: Wrapped & Deep Fried
January 06, 2021

Hi crispies~ happy new year! Todays episode we reflect on the past year and what it has brought us. We look at our Deep Fried wrapped and discuss our personal and professional growth. Its all thanks to you that we have been able to see this growth, and

Episode 67: A Few Of Our Favorite Things
December 23, 2020

Welcome back crispies! This weeks episode is all about all the items that we have kept around for years in a box in the back of ur closets. Watch us unpack years of forgotten memories!!Check is out on YouTube at Deep Fried Podcast to see the goods. Have..

Episode 66: A Midwinter Night's Dream
December 17, 2020

WELCOME! it's so nice to have you back! in today's episode, we talk about one of the world's greatest mysteries: DREAMS! what do we dream about? why do we dream? what does it all mean? LISTEN to find out!We want to know: what is the crazies

Episode 65: A Very Covid Christmas
December 09, 2020

WELCOME BACK!Thanks for listening!IG: @deepfriedpodVIDEO VERSIONS ON YOUTUBE:

Episode 64: Cockroaches Are Not Afraid of Us
November 18, 2020

WELCOME BACK! In today's episode, we talk ADULTING 101. We talk about being an adult in the time of politics, as well as our two cents on taxes, saving money, AND renting! Thanks for listening!Thanks for listening!IG: @deepfriedpodVIDEO VERSIONS ON

Episode 63: Donald Trump Tried To Stop Us
November 11, 2020

WELCOME BACK! After a long hiatus, we are finally BACK at it making episodes. In today's episode, we do a catch up on all things personal life, election stuff, and DONALD TRUMP?Thanks for listening!IG: @deepfriedpodVIDEO VERSIONS ON YOUTUBE: https:

Episode 62: Our Orgy Story
October 07, 2020

WELCOME BACK! Honestly, this episode is ALL over the place, but we try and talk about fall nostalgia lolTHANKS FOR LISTENINGIG: @deepfriedpodCONTACT:

Episode 60: The Skinny Shaming Incident
September 23, 2020

welcome back! in today's episode, courtney and kalie discuss what happened with the skinny shaming incident that happened to kalie. we also talk about how much of a scam healthcare is!Thanks for listening!PATREON (where you get every single episode video&