Decorating Pages: TV and Film Design

Decorating Pages: TV and Film Design

Production Design Film Study - 1985 - Adam Rowe

April 09, 2024

Welcome to the 1985 Production Design Film Study on the Decorating Pages Podcast. In this episode, we meticulously dissect the visual storytelling and set pieces that captivated audiences and garnered acclaim, earning their place among Oscar nominees. Our enlightening discussion features the expert opinions of host Kim Wannop, an accomplished set decorator, alongside the production designer, Adam Rowe. Together, they unpack the details that set these films apart, from sprawling African landscapes to the imaginative realms of "Brazil" and the detailed historical recreations in "Ran."

Tune in as we explore how "Out of Africa" won over the Academy with its sweeping vistas and authentic set design despite stiff competition from visually stunning peers. Delve into the artful construction of "The Color Purple" that translates a poignant story into a tangible world, and understand why "Witness" captured the essence of a unique community through its meticulous production choices. Learn why the heart-wrenching authenticity of "Ran" resonates through its minimal but powerful use of Japanese architecture, and hear our musings on how the bold, ambitious designs of "Brazil" may have shaped its Oscar journey.

Whether it's reflecting on Meryl Streep's accent woes or discussing the overlooked merits of other 1985 gems like "Back to the Future," our episode covers it all. With insightful conversations on the role of PR in Oscar campaigns and the ever-evolving landscape of film narratives and design, this episode is not to be missed by film and design lovers alike.

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