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#31 – Leadership and Management – Part 1 – Often spoken about, rarely understood
May 19, 2022

In this episode, we demystify Leadership and Management: we delve into what sets them apart; typify the different styles; explore values systems, including our own and share our core beliefs. As alway

#30 – The Metaverse Part 2 – Final Episode – Straight talk on the Key Players and what they are up to, and Implications for Entrepreneurs and Investors
April 27, 2022

In this, the final episode on the Metaverse - or is the Metaverses - we discuss what the Key Players are doing in the space, as well as the so-whats for entrepreneurs and investors. As you, our listen

#29 – The Metaverse Part 1 – What is it? When will we have it?
April 13, 2022

In this episode, we talk about the Metaverse - or is the metaverses? - specify what it is/will be, debunk myths around it and detail its/their key enablers. Everything you wanted to know and also … th

#28 – Strategic investors – a Mistake or real Value-Add?
February 17, 2022

In this episode, we talk about Strategic Investors, detail what they are, their underlying realities and structures of operation, and present the case For and Against them. We also share Lessons Learn

#27 – Start-up and investment landscape in Europe – the good, the bad and … the reasons for optimism
January 05, 2022

We deep-dive into the nuanced - and somewhat less than stellar - history of Tech in Europe and how start-ups and investors are making up for lost time, leading to an ever maturing ecosystem, with sign

#26 – The Bubble we are in and its implications – Part 2
November 17, 2021

In our second and final episode on the Bubble, we share what is happening in Venture Capital, on the exit - IPO, M&A, etc - front, as well as share clear “so-whats” for entrepreneurs and VCs. For in-d

#25 – The Bubble we are in and its implications – Part 1
October 28, 2021

Is this a bubble? If so, what type of bubble? Where are we heading? We share our views on where the economy is going, the importance and effect of COVID, several key opinions on both sides of the spec

# 24 – #Exodus or #NoExodus – our most contentious episode, yet
July 30, 2021

Episode 24 ends our trilogy on Silicon Valley and our “no bs” contextualization: from its history, geography and its most common and core myths.  In this episode, we deep dive on our Silicon Valley lo

# 23 – The mythology (and reality) of Silicon Valley
July 06, 2021

In episode 23, we demystify 7 of the most common and core myths on Silicon Valley, from its laid-backness to “everyone is amazing”.  Check out episode 22, where we explain what Silicon Valley actually

# 22 – The (no BS) truth about Silicon Valley – Start of Season 2
June 10, 2021

In episode 22, we begin the second season of Tech Deciphered, by deep diving into what Silicon Valley is, what made us (and others) move here, its unabridged mythology and whether there is really an exodus (or not) going on.