Podcasts – Dear Dyslexic

Podcasts – Dear Dyslexic

Episode 48 Disability and Advocacy in the Workplace with Dan Graham and Sally Close

January 25, 2022

This is a special podcast episode, a round table conversation from our 2021 Conference.

In this podcast, Shae had a round table conversation with Dan Graham and Sally Close about the role of advocacy in the workplace.

Dan Graham is a Theatre Director and a Disability Advocate with a particular interest in access support for neuro-diverse performing artists. His directing and access work has seen him travel all over Australia and the world to research and explore access and inclusion.

Sally Close is a parent of a dyslexic child and has a deep understanding of the challenges and benefits learning differences can create within the workplace. Sally imparts knowledge of learning differences and thinking preferences in safe learning environments. Facilitating a growth mindset and diversity of thought to enable creative solutions to complex problems. Learning transfer is supported through the practical application of new skills via the implementation of business improvement projects.

Shae hopes you enjoy listening to this conversation. If you would like to hear more from the conference head to the DHub, http://dhub.deardyslexic.com/deardyslexic/welcome