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Hossein Azari On Selling His First Company For $100 Million And Now Building Your Gateway To Crypto

May 09, 2021

Hossein Azari sold his first startup to Goldman Sachs for nine figures. He has already raised funding for his second fintech venture that you may describe as the Google of finance. His startup, Cmorq has raised funding from top-tier investors.

In this episode, you will learn:

* How Cmorg works
* The future of financial services
* Hossein Azari’s top advice to other entrepreneurs
* The Steve Jobs mindset you need to build big influential companies like this

Alejandro Cremades · EP 330 Hossein Azari On Selling His First Company For $100M And Now Building Your Gateway To Crypto

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About Hossein Azari:
Prior to Cmorq, Hossein Azari led the Data Science team at Clarity Money, building a trusted financial advocate for himself and all consumers who feel puzzled when it comes to managing their finances.

Prior to Clarity, Hossein was a Senior Research Engineer/Scientist at Google Research where he initiated and led multiple projects in collaboration with product teams such as Ad-Exchange. His contributions included the identification and improvement of inefficiencies through exploratory data analysis and efficient algorithm design using ML in large datasets, as well as building complex A/B testing frameworks for auction systems to measure and illustrate improvements.

Hossein's research work is in the area of computational economics, machine learning, and statistical modeling with applications in social computation, consumer behavior, and experimental design, where he designed scalable algorithms for driving products and features based on large data sets.

Hossein has a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Economics and Computation group) from Harvard University. He has an MBA from Columbia University,