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Anshul Ruparell On Raising Over $100 Million To Change How People Buy And Sell Homes

March 18, 2021

Anshul Ruparell has raised a significant amount of financing and capital for his venture that is transforming one of the biggest and most entrenched markets. His startup Properly has raised more than $100 million in finance from top-tier investors like Silicon Valley Bank, 1984 Ventures, Daniel Curran, and i80 | Group.

In this episode, you will learn:

* How Properly is transforming the real estate transaction
* How to pick your investors
* Going through a major pivot
* Debt versus equity fundraising
* The importance of real focus

Alejandro Cremades · EP 312 Anshul Ruparell On Raising Over $100 Million To Change How People Buy And Sell Homes

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About Anshul Ruparell:
Anshul Ruparell is the co-founder and CEO of Properly.

Properly uses modern technology to accurately predict what a home will sell for on the open market and enables homeowners to sell directly to Properly at that price and to close a sale on their schedule.

Prior to Properly, Anshul Ruparell was an Entrepreneur in Residence and venture capital investor at FJ Labs (an early investor in companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Palantir, Uber and others), where he led investments and helped build startups including Poncho and Merlin.

Earlier in his career, Anshul Ruparell worked as a private equity investor at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch. Anshul Ruparell is from Calgary, and comes from an extensive family background in real estate.

Anshul Ruparell received an MBA from Columbia Business School and an HBA from Ivey Business School.
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