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DCE Pirate Radio #67 – Tiny Sumo Charity Cup…on a Yacht
September 25, 2019

Having a few beers and shooting the shut before raising money for sick kids. Who know what we even spoke about but what I do know is the next Tiny Sumo Charity Cup will be on a YACHT…followed by a helipad. Direct Download: www.dirtycleaneats.

DCE Pirate Radio #66 – Tiny Sumo and Friends
September 18, 2019

We had a tiny window between a wrestling seminar, an MMA footwork clinic and the Aus Grappling Championships to record. These would have all been great topics but instead Tiny Sumo is in the house to school us on the ‘best’ 80’s martial arts movies.

DCE Pirate Radio #65 – Nico Verresen
August 22, 2019

Entrepeneur Sex Love Coach … If you have never listened to one of our podcasts before then this is the one to jump into. There are no real words to describe Nico so dive right in and enjoy the ride. You’re Welcome.

DCE Pirate Radio #64 – JITSYCLUB
August 02, 2019

On today’s podcast everyone gangs up on Matt and the excellent job he does packaging all the DCE deliveries. We also chat to Nick from @jitsyclub or something. I dunno..I’m still too hurt to write a proper intro. Check out www.jitsy.

DCE Pirate Radio #63 – Ash Constance Yoga
July 24, 2019

All the fun and none of the nonsense today. Jimmy Bang Bang was missing in action so Matt sat down solo with Ash Constance to ask a whole heap of dumb questions about running a modern yoga studio. Check out https://hotyogastudios.com.

DCE Pirate Radio #62 – Baron Von Stietz
July 12, 2019

Dr. Jason von Stietz earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from California Professional School of Psychology at Alliant International University, Los Angeles with a specialized focus in health psychology.

DCE Pirate Radio #61 – Periods, Poo and a Glorious You
July 03, 2019

For something organised by Jimmy Bang Bang today was surprisingly smooth sailing. On today’s podcast we have the newly named Rachel Vanilla to talk about her book: Periods, Poo and a Glorious You. I feel that title says it all…check out the podcast now...

DCE Pirate Radio #60 – McDojo’s Back!
June 06, 2019

Rob joins us back on the podcast one year later and we catch up on all the things that have happened. The McDojo life documentary and web series are about to drop soon so make sure you subscribe to the McDojoLife on youtube (why not give us a sub why y...

Tiny Sumo Talk Time Episode 54: The Duality Of Love & Wrestling with Jon Fitch
May 30, 2019

On this episode I caught up with MMA legend Jon Fitch to chat about his start in MMA, his thoughts on wrestling and it’s correlation to life, his feelings about his recent fight with Rory MacDonald& his plans for the future.

Tiny Sumo Talk Time Episode 53: Finish Or Die with Steve “Panda” Banks
May 27, 2019

On this episode I caught up with Steve “Panda” Banks to chat about his start in combat sports, his approach to fighting & training, the ins and outs of living in Thailand & his plans for the future. Steve would like to thank – @PhuketTopTeam @Boosterfi...