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Day in Tech History

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May 29, 1999: Five Million Domain Names Registered
May 29, 2024

1999 became the five-millionth domain name in the world. At the time, a domain name cost $70 for the first year, $35 a year thereafter. The domain name was abandoned and is still a

May 28, 2014: Apple Music Acquires Beats
May 28, 2024

2014 Rumors flew high on this one, so when it happened, many people were not surprised. Apple announced they were going to acquire Beats Music and Electronics in a $3 billion deal. As part of the ac

May 27, 2003: WordPress CMS Released
May 26, 2024

2003 Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created a Fork of B2/cafelog. From there, WordPress was born. Since its release, WordPress has taken over Content Management Systems (CMS) with its ease of use an

May 26, 1998: AMD K6-2 Processor
May 25, 2024

1998 At the beginnings of the AMD / Intel battle, AMD brought out a processor to dual with Pentium II. The AMD K6-2 processor was a Super Socket 7 pin structure, which also was compatible with olde

May 24, 1985: AOL (as Quantum Computer Services) Founded
May 23, 2024

1985 Quantum Computer Services was founded. Technically, it was a reorganization of Control Video Corporation, a company that started in 1983. The company was selling online service Gameline to Ata

May 23, 1995: MySQL Released RDBMS
May 22, 2024

1995 MySQL releases their SQL database program for web pages. This is known as a Relational Database Management System(RDBMS). MySQLuses C and C++, the SQL parser used yacc and a hybrid of lexer c

May 22, 1973: Ethernet is Proposed
May 21, 2024

1973 Robert Metcalfe writes a thirteen-page memo describing a new type of data transmission method. His memo was entitled Ether Acquisition, which would connect Hawaiis ALOHA Network. Alto Ethern

May 21, 2001: Mac OS X Server Released
May 20, 2024

2001 Apple released the Mac OS X Server, based on Rhapsody, which was a hybrid of NeXT OPENSTEP. The server ran file services, Macintosh Manager, Quicktime Streaming Server, WebObjects, NetBoot and

May 19, 1999: Star Wars Episode I Released
May 18, 2024

1999 Sixteen years after Return of the Jedi, George Lucas finally moves his vision forward with Star Wars: Episode I the Phantom Menace. The story of young Anakin Skywalker and how Obi-Wan Ken

May 18, 2001: Shrek Hits Theaters
May 17, 2024

2001 The computer animated movie Shrek hits theaters. The 90 minute movie was produced on a $60 million budget and although its first weekend only saw $42 million , the overall theatrical run bro