DaVita Leadership Insights

DaVita Leadership Insights

Episode 75 DaVita: A Place to Grow Panel Interview with Vanessa Pfeiffer, Danny Wetmore, Katie Swanzy and Sarah Beidelschies

October 20, 2022

Tune into this special feature episode from a panel interview hosted at the DaVita Leadership Meeting. Vanessa Pfeiffer hosts a panel interview with guests Danny Wetmore, Katie Swanzy and Sarah Beidelschies to learn how they have navigated their career journey at DaVita. In this interview, you will learn how to best navigate driving your own career development; from seeking clarity in what brings personal fulfillment, fining the right time to say yes or take a risk, and building networks.

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GUEST: Vanessa Pfeiffer, Danny Wetmore, Katie Swanzy, and Sarah Beidelschies

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