Real Estate Marketing Masters Mix

Real Estate Marketing Masters Mix

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Why Short Sales Take A Long Time
July 27, 2020

Dave and Scott provide an overview of the Short Sale process based on questions from listeners over the past few months. Find out why they are called “Short Sales” when they can take months and months to hopefully complete.

Pending Facebook Platform updates and how they affect real estate marketing
May 13, 2020

Scott and Dave determine advantages and disadvantages of the changing Facebook Live feature as it relates to agents looking to better serve as well as ad to their audience. The most important element is how it will serve a separate function than Zoom a...

Adjusting For Investments In Rental Properties
May 11, 2020

Dave shares his thoughts on the impact of the pandemic on the real estate rental markets. He reminds us that single-family homes make up a large percentage of rental properties and how that helps with keeping good tenants.

Long Term Impact of Pandemic On Commercial Real Estate
May 06, 2020

Scott and Dave share thoughts on likely short and long term trends likely to result from the pandemic when it comes to commercial real estate. They discuss how more people working from home more often would impact the demand for office and warehouse sp...

How Will All of the Working From Home Impact Real Estate?
May 03, 2020

Scott and Dave analyze how the significant percentage of people working from home could continue for years to come and how to anticipate the impact on real estate. Living near transportation may not matter as much if employees don’t need to commute eve...

Ace the Gram – Real Estate Instagram Tips
February 14, 2020

For real estate professionals that love taking photos and using them to promote their business, Instagram has become more and more valuable among the social media choices. In this edition, Scott and Dave talk with Vivien Conway of the Ace The Gram podc...

Tips for helping with a construction or large contractor project
October 11, 2019

Dave and Scott reveal expert tips on the ins and outs of helping with a construction or large contractor project. Taking the extra steps to make sure a project you are involved in gets completed within deadlines and with as few obstacles as possible is...

Part 2: The whole search on Branding
August 05, 2019

This episode is a topic continuation of our last episode on The Whole Search and Nothing But The Search. Except in this episode, Dave and Scott focus on branding and how agents can own their space online with their brand.

The whole search and nothing but the search
July 31, 2019

Dave and Scott share some interesting data and strategies around property searches, from both a user perspective and a search engine optimization angle. Listen in for some great tips that you can use to elevate your real estate marketing game.

Maximize your Market Research
July 24, 2019

In this episode, Dave and Scott share some tips for researching for better real estate marketing data and how great information can help you better leverage your position as a market leader. Follow Dave: @davekohlonline Follow Scott: @swinterroth