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Dating Confessions with Alisha & Jack

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When She Wants You To Use Emojis
January 22, 2021

I'm not much of an emoji user, I find that I have 4 that I use on occasion. It's more out of a laziness than anything thing else but the girl in this story took things a bit to far. Things can get creepy really fast when she wants you to use emojis.

Guys That Make You Say HMMMM
January 15, 2021

Have you ever been on a date where the person you are on said date with just does the most ridiculous stuff. I'm sure it's happened to a lot of people in the dating world. The guys on the other hand just take it a bit to far.

Stalkers and Creepy Dates
January 08, 2021

As a guy you might think its cool to have a stalker, in fact it can be a very annoying situation. This guy found that out the hard way. On this episode of Dating Confessions we share a few stalker stories and some creepy dates that should never have ha...

Strange Hook Ups And Other Crazy Stories
January 01, 2021

Happy New Year From Alisha and Jack. We hope you had a safe and fun night. This weeks episode is full of strange hook ups. One even includes a ride home from the mom. We hope you enjoy this episode of Dating Confessions with Alisha and Jack.

Embarrassing Stories and Weird Encounters
December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas Everyone. In this episode Jack shares some of your most embarrassing stories. Alisha on the other hand has some weird encounters and a girl who has some special friends. We hope you enjoy this episode of Dating Confessions.

Happy Birthday Alisha!!!! oh yeah Jack too
December 18, 2020

That's right It's Alisha's birthday this week and if you want to wish Alisha A Happy Birthday visit and send her some birthday love. On this weeks show we a some great couples stories and a whole lot more so we hope you enjo...

The Neck Beard, The Dinner, and The Band
December 11, 2020

Your on a date with a guy you are not really sure about but you really just want to go out and be social. There is nothing to harmful in going to a restaurant that has a band playing right. Well, This is Dating Confessions so you know something went s...

The Moment You Realize There Is $h!T In Your Bed
December 04, 2020

It never ceases to amaze me how many people don't know how to wash and wipe their body's correctly. On this episode I am proven wrong once again and I can say with 100% certainty that if this had happened to me it would be the last time I ever used my ...

Jack Gets Grossed Out A Little Bit
November 27, 2020

This whole season Alisha has been trying to get listener stories that might just make Jack hurl in in the studio. Our listeners don't disappoint, but was it gross enough to make Jack chuck his dinner. Find out on this episode of Dating Confessions. ...

The Life Of PI
November 13, 2020

One of the worst movies to go to on a date has to be The Life Of PI. Not because it's a bad move, but because it's 3 hours long. A lot can happen in 3 hours and since this is Dating Confessions you know it can't be good.