Dankonomy Podcast Series

Dankonomy Podcast Series

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Dankonomy S2-E16: Antonio Javiniar
September 16, 2019

Dankonomy Today's Episode Featuring Antonio Javiniar from Webjoint   About Antonio Javiniar Antonio Javiniar is a Marketing and Social Media Strategist who currently operates as the Director of Marketing for WebJoint. As an academic, Antonio spent 4 year.

Dankonomy S2-E15: Bryan Hull
July 17, 2019

Today's Topic: EthoEx Prime & The Extraction Green Rush! Special Guest: Bryan Hull, CEO of EthoEx.   About EthoEx - Here at EthoEx™ Quality and Optimizing performance is key. We strive to lower your footprint, costs, and time of operation while eliminati.

Dankonomy S2-E14: Doug Paysse
July 08, 2019

Today's Topic: Arizona's Cannabis Market Special Guest: Doug Paysse About Doug: Doug is the Co-Founder of Industry Extracts in Arizona.     Please Subscribe 

Dankonomy S2-E13: Justinian Mason
July 01, 2019

Today's Topic: Job Opportunities In Cannabis Special Guest: Justinian Mason   About Justinian Mason: Justinian is the West Coast Business Development Manager at Vangst, the nation's leading talent and recruiting resource for the Cannabis Industry.  He is.

Dankonomy S2-E12: Alan Hoskins
June 24, 2019

Today's Topic: Smokeless Flower? Special Guest, Alan Hoskins About Alan Hoskins - A true pioneer in the cannabis industry, during a time that pre-dated testing labs and when the primary method of extraction was blasting with butane.  While attending coll.

Dankonomy S2-E11: Tucky Blunt
June 18, 2019

We're Back!!! Dankonomy Season 2 Episode 11 About Tucky Blunt: A child of Yahweh, husband, father, hard worker, hustla, Alphonso (Tucky) Blunt Jr., is a true testament to walking your path.  The Co-owner of both Proud Papas clothing and Blunts + Moore di.

010 Dankonomy w/ Special Guest Adrian Farquharson
April 30, 2019

Today's Topic - Mary Magazine w/Founder and CEO Adrian Farquharson Adrian Farquharson is often described as “wearing one too many hats,” from creative director to project manager to CEO of Fresh Media, Inc., which just so happens to be a lifestyle market.

009 Dankonomy w/ Special Guest Ron Brandon
April 10, 2019

 Today's Episode   Black Entrepreneurs In Cannabis  Ron Brandon Ockimey is the Chief of Staff and a founding member of Naturetrak, a compliance based seed to sale platform that allows you to track, trace, and pay. He played professional football for 7 ye.

008 Dankonomy w/ Special Guest Safon Floyd
March 25, 2019

 Today's Topic   Branding Cannabis Part 2  Special Guest - Safon Floyd, CCO of EstroHaze Safon Floyd is co-founder and Chief Content Officer for EstroHaze. As CCO she curates, manages, writes, and edits exclusive content surrounding all things cannabis a.

007 Dankonomy w/ Special Guest Maurice Sapp
March 19, 2019

 Today's Topic   Branding Cannabis  Maurice J. Sapp, known professionally as Mr. GL, is the content manager and celebrity host for Hip Hop Weekly Magazine. He is also The Brand Manager and designer for his brother, Marshawn Lynch’s, clothing brand, Beast.