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Happy Hour W/ Dajnae & Crystal- Light Skinned Vs Dark Skinned Ft. Roslyn
September 13, 2020

If there weren't enough things in the world that wanted to define or separate us, there would be a light skinned vs dark skinned war between women. If you think these are just stereotypes or nick names, then you have it wrong.  We have grown up with

Happy Hour W/ Dajnae & Crystal- Things Men Just Don't Understand
August 16, 2020

What is it with men and how they never really understand the logistics of a woman.  It's like they never really try to understand who we are and the way we move and think. Well, me and Crystal are pointing out the most obvious things that are always

Happy Hour W/ Dajnae & Crystal- Mental Health Awareness Ft. DJ DreamMoney
August 09, 2020

It's important to acknowledge and accept mental health. Sometimes it gets the best of us but we have to choose to be strong and pick ourselves back up. If you feel you can't go through it alone, find that one person whether it's a friend, family member, o

Happy Hour W/ Dajnae & Crystal- The Nasty Episode
July 26, 2020

We're talking about S.E.X! Yes I said it! Today, me and my girl Crystal are talking about sex when it comes to dating and relationships. Everyone has their opinion when they feel the time is right but let's be real, we all enjoy it.  Are you and your

Happy Hour W/ Dajnae & Crystal- Truth Behind Daddy Issues
July 19, 2020

What women are willing to admit that they have daddy issues?? Me and my girl Crystal are being vulnerable and telling you guys how we cope with the"dad" in our lives.  This isn't something that's easy to talk about so we're bringing it to the table a

Happy Hour W/ Dajnae & Crystal- The New Current Day
June 28, 2020

Technology is changing the world and so is social media.  How does social media affect your daily lifestyle? Your relationship? Your business? Even your children? Browsing and posting is one thing, but letting social media take over you complete mind

Happy Hour W/ Dajnae & Crystal- What Women Really Want
June 07, 2020

Today it's all about my ladies!  That's right fellas, we're finally admitting to that long list of things that we really want.  It's hard trying to find your soulmate when they don't even believe that, we as women, know what we want in a relatio

Happy Hour W/ Dajnae & Crystal- Side Piece Chronicles
May 31, 2020

I'm Backkk!!!! And this time I have my girl Crystal Co-Hosting with me. This season is all about talking the real shit that no one likes to discuss out loud. Today's Topic: What it is like to be the side chick No need to judge us, because this could happe

Dajnae'sWay- Talks With Nae (Part 1)
December 07, 2019

I'm baccckkkk!!!  And I'm ready to kick this season off with a mini series of topics that need to be discussed out loud.  I've enjoyed my break but I have missed my listeners. I even came back with a surprise...I am now on youtube! The episode h

August 12, 2019

Thank you and Shout Out to all of my guests for a great season! See you guys in September!  #SayItSaturdays IG: @dajnaeswayradio Facebook: Dajnae'sWay Radio Dajnae'sWay Radio is now available on The Anchor App! *I do not own the rights to any songs t