The Curious Goods Podcast - Reviewing "Friday The 13th: The Series"

The Curious Goods Podcast - Reviewing "Friday The 13th: The Series"

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Our Reivew Of “Night Hunger” – Season 2, Episode 10
December 20, 2019

  The illicit tales of ILLEGAL STREET RACING aren’t just legend now – they are corn-combines-of-cash garnering machines inside of today’s Hollywood offerings. Did you know that back in the 80s there was ANOTHER tale of illegal street racing,

Our Review Of “13 O’Clock” – Season 2, Episode 9
December 13, 2019

  The value of pocket watches isn’t that they tell time. It isn’t even that often – they are legacy jewelry that denote special people and memories in your life. A pocket watch is literally a tether to times long gone by.

Our Review Of “Read My Lips” – Season 2, Episode 8
December 06, 2019

  The “magic” of throwing one’s voice ISN’T magic – it’s a skill. A skill that takes years to develop, which doesn’t include the time it takes to rise through the rankings of ventriloquist comedy stylings. Y’see it takes a long time to end up “on top”....

Our Review Of “Wax Magic” – Season 2, Episode 7
November 29, 2019

  Obsessions, regardless of kind or focus – are unhealthy – and this episode of Friday The 13th: The Series – is a perfect sample to showcase why. A Carnival. A roving Wax Museum of Infamous Characters, a handkerchief from Louis the 16th’s time – Obses...

Our Review Of “Master Of Disguise” – Season 2, Episode 6
October 25, 2019

  What can be said about the days of history’s past, when actor’s not only weren’t paid gobs of money for their portrayals. Not only weren’t coddled like screaming, spoiled children that wanted another delicious ice cream pop,

Our Review Of “Symphony In B#” – Season 2, Episode 5
October 18, 2019

  There are times when the heartstrings are pulled valiantly by a man or woman. But what happens when those heartstrings aren’t ones that woo – but ones that KILL! It’s time for a total 80s theatrical television episode paying homage to Phantom of the ...

Our Review Of “Tails I Live, Heads You Die” – Season 2, Episode 4
October 11, 2019

  While we as a society in this age are quality forgetting about “coins” when it comes to finances, ancient curses, dark ceremonies and SATAN HIMSELF are all something that will forever be tethered to coins. Inside this episode,

Our Review Of “And Now The News” – Season 2, Episode 3
October 04, 2019

  The vein of mental health is a strangely woven one to be sure. The only stranger vein? The NEWS! While we can all tune into any one of hundreds of news outlets worldwide now, back in the 80s – there were a LOT fewer ways to find out what’s going on.

Our Review Of ” The Voodoo Mambo” – Season 2, Episode 2
September 27, 2019

  Voodoo has been a staple in a great many movies, television episodes and more. It is often dark. It is often menacing. It is often bloody. Inside this episode, we find a DIFFERENT DEFINITION and context for it. It’s – a religion.

Our Review Of “Doorway To Hell” – Season 2, Episode 1
September 20, 2019

  Mirror’s aren’t just the pathway to review your own looks – they are often portals to other, darker lands, where evil uncles lurk – reaching from beyond to impact the living! To bring the Dark Lord into the their realm and bring darkness to all!