The Curious About Cannabis Podcast

The Curious About Cannabis Podcast

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Cannabis and the Convergence of Neurodivergence with Miyabe Shields PhD | BTS 87
March 21, 2023

Disclaimer: In this episode, we discuss some heavy topics that touch on mental health struggles and suicidal ideation. None of the information in this episode or any other Curious About Cannabis episo

CBD, Pain and Opioids: Bringing Translational Research to Cannabis with Maria T Rivera-Garcia PhD | BTS 86
March 15, 2023

In this behind-the-scenes interview we talk with Dr. Maria T Rivera-Garcia about her research investigating the effects of CBD-rich whole plant extract vapor on pain and opioid reward seeking behavior

Living Authentically and Casually Baked with Johanna Nuding | BTS 85
March 09, 2023

Johanna Nuding left everything she knew in her home state of Texas behind to rediscover herself as she lived abroad in a foreign country. Normally equipped with the strong communication skills typical

Infusing Cannabis Education with Curated Interactive Events with Tamara Anderson of Culinary & Cannabis | BTS 84
March 04, 2023

In this behind-the-scenes conversation we meet Tamara Anderson, a nurse by day and Cannabis event curator by night. Through a series of seemingly divinely orchestrated life events, Tamara realized tha

Standards: The Final Frontier? ASTM Intl’s Effort to Standardize the Cannabis Industry with Darwin Millard (The Spock of Cannabis) | BTS 83
February 27, 2023

In this behind-the-scenes conversation I beam aboard the USS Cannabis starship to join "The Spock of Cannabis" Darwin Millard to talk about ASTM International's efforts to bring the planet together to

Unraveling the DNA of Cannabis with Oussama Badad of Trilogene Seeds | BTS 82
February 22, 2023

In this behind-the-scenes episode I chat with Oussama Badad, the lead geneticist for Trilogene Seeds to talk about the science behind Cannabis genetics and gene editing technologies. We discuss common

We Grow Cannabis: Uniting Community Through Marijuana Horticulture with Jorge Cervantes | BTS 81
February 20, 2023

In this behind-the-scenes interview we meet up with legendary Cannabis cultivator, educator and author Jorge Cervantes. We talk about his new book We Grow Cannabis, his mission to update and revise th

Meet the Cannabis Plant: Exploring the Evolutionary History and Lifecycle of Cannabis | Feature #11
February 15, 2023

CAC feature episodes are back after a 2 year hiatus! In our 11th feature production - we dive into the science of the Cannabis lifecycle. We start with looking at the evolutionary history of Cannabis

Cannabinoid Science: Past, Present and Future (Southern Oregon University Lecture, 2021)
February 10, 2023

The history of cannabinoid science tells a fascinating story that many people are really unfamiliar with. In this lecture, which I gave for Southern Oregon University back in October of 2021, I chart

Harnessing AI for Sustainable Agriculture and Cannabis Education with Matthew Gates | BTS #80
February 03, 2023

In this behind-the-scenes conversation we drop in with integrated pest management specialist Matthew Gates to talk about his thoughts for this upcoming pest season before we spin off into a philosophi