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CU across Colorado: CU Denver team fans out to help rural areas with community projects
September 30, 2019

In this month’s CU on the Air, we talk to representatives of the University Technical Assistance program, or UTA. It’s a unique collaboration between a Colorado Center for Community Development in the College of Architecture and Planning at CU Denver,

A rare and fatal lung disease, IPF has met its match
August 22, 2019

September is pulmonary fibrosis awareness month and today we’re privileged to talk to Dr. David Schwartz at the CU School of Medicine, one of the world’s leading researchers in the area of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Dr.

Catching up with CU’s 23rd president – what’s ahead?
July 24, 2019

This month, CU on The Air talks with new University of Colorado President Mark Kennedy, who was named by the Board of Regents on May 2 to be the 23rd President of the University of Colorado system. Host Ken McConnellogue chats with the president about:...

Buried in unmarked graves, Leadville’s Irish miners now have a voice
June 29, 2019

A sign in Leadville’s Evergreen Cemetery calls it the Old Catholic section, while period maps list it as the Free Catholic section. CU on the Air host Ken McConnellogue talks with Jim Walsh, assistant professor of political science at CU Denver,

From 100 barrels of beer on the boat to the original India pale ale, beer is a social function
May 31, 2019

We continue chatting (and maybe sipping a little) with lecturer Travis Rupp at Avery Brewing Co. about his unique career exploring and recreating ancient and not-quite-as-ancient beers – all while teaching Greek and Roman archaeology, art history,

Road trip! We visit Avery Brewing Co. to discuss the history of beer
May 08, 2019

CU Boulder lecturer Travis Rupp has a unique career that’s likely the envy of many: He explores and recreates ancient and not-quite-as-ancient beers – from the Gordium area of ancient Turkey to the United States’ first president – all while teaching Gr...

What the Virtual Human has taught and will teach us
March 21, 2019

Dr. Spitzer discusses the process in giving new life to Susan Potter as a living cadaver

Seeing isn’t believing: CU Denver center masters the science of truth in audio/video
February 13, 2019

In this month’s CU on the Air, we talk with Catalin Grigoras, director, and Cole Whitecotton, IT professional, at the National Center for Media Forensics at CU Denver. The only one of its kind in the U.S., the center not only graduates the top media fo...

A look back at what we learned in 2018
January 19, 2019

For our 2018 in review, we revisited some of our listeners’ – and our own – favorite and most hard-hitting moment from the past year. – Unearthing the effects of climate change on human health, with Dr. Jay Lemery,

The horror! Why we watch it, write it, and love to dread it
December 05, 2018

Why the heck do we love horror so much? This month, CU on the Air host Ken McConnellogue talks with Stephen Graham Jones, CU Boulder professor and author of experimental, horror, crime and science fiction, about our fears, the origins of monsters,