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Lost Episode: Venom Review – CC076
November 13, 2020

Back in 2018 Venom released as the first in Sony's Spider-Man-less superhero movies. We originally reviewed it after seeing it in theaters, but the episode's audio remained in limbo until today. Now it's here, it's fixed up, and the review is out!

Favorite PS4 Memories – CC075
November 06, 2020

The Cube Command Podcast has reached 4 years and 75 episodes of gaming, movies, and pop culture talk! To celebrate this milestone - and the PS5 release - Tommy is recounting his personal experience with the PlayStation 4.

Spider-Man PS4 Story Review – CC074
October 30, 2020

It's time to finish our review of Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) by going over the story. We discuss each character and their motivations, the major plot points, and how well all those elements fit together in the end.

Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Review – CC073
October 23, 2020

Spider-Man is on everyone's minds right now. So to bide our time until Miles Morales and Spider-Man 3 Tommy and Nathan review Marvel's Spider-Man (2018) on PS4. This review will be split into two parts - Part 1 is all about the web-slingin',

We Played Minecraft’s Steve in Smash Bros – CC072
October 16, 2020

To the shock of everyone, Steve from Minecraft has made his way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. We played him and we thought that he was a very different character from the rest of the cast.

Crash Bandicoot 4 Review – CC071
October 10, 2020

Crash Bandicoot 4 has arrived so Tommy sat down, completed it, and had many opinions. This episode will be a a review of the PlayStation 4 release of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time - the marsupial's latest outing and sequel to 2017's N.

Sci-fi History with Rick Savoia – CC070
September 30, 2020

International Podcast Day 2020 is here and we have a very special episode. Rick Savoia of the Saturday Night Winestream and the Drink With Rick podcast (and Tommy's dad) is our guest of honor. Rick discusses his history with science fiction and what it...

Mario’s Turning 35 And He’s Bringing Games – CC069
September 11, 2020

Nintendo jumps back into the spotlight with a whole slew of new games and goodies for Mario's 35the Anniversary. In this week's episode we cover the announcements including Super Mario 35, Mario Kart Live, Mario 3D World Port,

Tiny Battlefield and Other Nonsense – CC068
September 04, 2020

We cover an assortment of tangents ranging from the Smash Bros Update 8.1.0, Elder Scrolls, GTA:V PS5, Animal Crossing, and Pepto Bismol. This episode was recorded at the beginning of August, so next week we'll be recapping the recent Fandome event fro...

Rise of Skywalker Dissected (PART 3) – CC067
August 14, 2020

We made it to the finale of our Rise of Skywalker Review trilogy! It's time to cover the movie's third act/conclusion and how we see the Star Wars brand moving in the future. - Tommy, Nick, and Nathan sat down and examined the entirety of Star Wars: T...