Closer to the Fire with Greg Musselman

Closer to the Fire with Greg Musselman

Season 3: Episode 19 Raising a Voice for the Persecuted: An Interview with Roshini Wickremesinhe, the Executive Director of the Religious Liberty Partnership

May 19, 2023

Does advocacy make a difference when addressing the persecution of not only Christians but all religious minorities around the world? Roshini Wickremesinhe – who serves as the Executive Director of the Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP) – joins Greg Musselman to share about the important work of the RLP, a coalition dedicated to the international collaboration of Christian organizations that focus on religious liberty for all. Members of the RLP intentionally work together when addressing advocacy, conducting research, providing assistance, and raising awareness of religious restrictions worldwide.


Roshini and Greg also discuss the recent violence that erupted in the northeast Indian state of Manipur – an incident that claimed over 50 lives, left more than 50 church buildings destroyed, and resulted in the displacement of tens of thousands of people. The majority of those who were killed during the unrest are believed to have been Christians. During this episode, Roshini also provides an update on the challenges facing followers of Christ in her home country of Sri Lanka.


Length: 35 minutes


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