Closer to the Fire with Greg Musselman

Closer to the Fire with Greg Musselman

Season 2 Episode 3 - Bringing Attention to the Persecuted Church Through Music: An Interview with Irish Singer/Songwriter Keith Getty (Plus, News that Another Nigerian Pastor was Martyred.)

September 30, 2021

Keith Getty is a Northern Irish singer/songwriter of modern hymns. Together with his wife Krystin, he’s using his music as a platform to draw attention to those suffering persecution for their faith in Jesus. Closer to the Fire host Greg Musselman speaks with Keith about the upcoming theatrical release of the movie, Sabina: Tortured for Christ, The Nazi Years.


Sabina Wurmbrand co-founded The Voice of the Martyrs international with her husband Richard. The founding couple lived exemplary Christian lives despite suffering at the hands of Nazis and Communists in their homeland of Romania. The film, which premieres in November, will feature the Gettys’ music on the soundtrack. Greg also shares an update on a Nigerian pastor who was recently killed for his faith, providing you with an opportunity to join him in prayer on behalf of our Christian brothers and sisters in Nigeria.


Length: 16 minutes


Show Notes

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