Closer to the Fire with Greg Musselman

Closer to the Fire with Greg Musselman

Season 4: Episode 5 Nigeria: The Kidnapping Crisis

December 08, 2023

Almost 90 percent of all the reported kidnappings of Christians worldwide take place in Nigeria. According to credible news sources, approximately 5,200 followers of Christ have been kidnapped in the African nation between January 2021 and June 2022. So far this year, as of mid-November, recent reports indicate that 23 ministerial clergy/church workers were abducted, and several other believers have been murdered.

In this episode of the Closer to the Fire podcast, host Greg Musselman speaks with Rev. John Joseph Hayab to learn more about the kidnapping crisis in Nigeria and why Christians are being targeted. Rev. Hayab presently serves as the Kaduna State Chairman for the Christian Association of Nigeria, as well as the Country Director of Global Peace Foundation Nigeria.

During the interview, Rev. Hayab also discusses the miraculous escape of 14-year-old Treasure Ayuba, a student who had been held captive by Islamic militants for two years following his abduction from a denominationally operated school in Kaduna State.

Length: 1 hour, 5 minutes

Episode Notes

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