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Cryptic Chronicles

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Episode 40: Dr. Margaret Van Coops
September 22, 2020

Today on the show we have a very special guest! The world-renown Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, a famous esoteric author and veteran paranormal researcher. She's been around since before it was ok to talk about this kind of stuff,

Episode 39: The Nephilim Part 4
September 19, 2020

In this episode, we're going to continue exploring comparable Nephilim myths from cultures all throughout history across the planet. There really isn't that much else to go over, so... Let's just hop right in shall we? And remember,

Episode 38: The Nephilim Part 3
September 05, 2020

Our chronicles of Nephilim lore continues! We will finally see the end game of the Elohim, and the apotheosis of Enoch! Afterward, we'll move on past the Apocryphal Texts, and begin our look at analogous Nephilim found across all ancient cultures,

Episode 37: The Nephilim Part 2
August 21, 2020

Of Watchers and Angels, and the judgment of the Elohim. - Continuing our journey into the lore surrounding the ineffable Nephilim, in this episode we're going to journey deep into the Watchers, and the accounts as depicted in the forbidden Book of Eno...

Episode 36: The Nephilim
August 06, 2020

In this episode, we're going to begin a seven-episode series covering lore surrounding the Nephilim and the enigmatic Watchers as well as analogous entities from mythologies across the Earth. We're going to throw dogma out the window,

Episode 35: Paranormal Deaths
July 08, 2020

This episode chronicles the deaths of people that have been attributed to the paranormal. Buckle up because it's time to get weird. The creep factor on this episode is high, this is your only warning.

Episode 34: Paranormal Investigator Lydia Eustice
June 21, 2020

In this episode, I interview paranormal investigator Lydia Eustice from Path of Souls Paranormal. A group of paranormal investigators that associate with a whole collective of those interested in paranormal activity.

Episode 33: Aleister Crowley Part 2
June 11, 2020

Come listen to the 2nd installment concerning the supernatural life of Aleister Crowley. This episode will take us till Aleister's 30th birthday, and chronicle the bizarre tales that surround this man. From a marriage offer to get a friend out of a pos...

Episode 32: Energy, with Dimetries Leroy Smith, the host of the Anything Goes Renegade Podcast
June 01, 2020

#energy #QuantumPhysics #QuantumMechanics #Metaphysics #Metaphysical #Esoteric - In this episode of CC, we're joined by Dimetries Leroy Smith, the host of the show Anything Goes Renegade Podcast to talk about energy,

Episode 31: The Shadow, Egregore, and the Demon King
May 29, 2020

The Shadow Self was termed by famed physiologist Carl Jung and since his death, his work has gone on to change the world forever. Come with me dear listener, and let's explore just what exactly is "The Shadow," and the mysterious "Shadow Work.