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Episode 11 Andrew from the Charlotte Athlete
April 23, 2019

I sit down and talk to Andrew of the Charlotte Athlete in this pod. He's a physical therapist and owner of The Charlotte Athlete, specializing in Crossfit Athletes but will help anyone needing help.  He goes around to gyms giving technique advice, st

Episode 10 Post Spartan Interviews
April 16, 2019

Hey Guys! This is the part 2 of the Spartan Race podcast from last week.  I did post race interviews with all our racers to find out what their thoughts were about the race over some food!  Sign up for Savage Race and come out and do one with us

April 08, 2019

We just did the Spartan Race and it was smelly and awesome! Listed to the pre- race interviews I did with our team and hear what they are thinking about before we take off.  I didn't want the ext week will be the post race thoughts. But for now take

Episode 8 Adam, April, and Accountability!
March 29, 2019

In this episode, I talk to Adam, our head coach and programmer. We go into what will happen next month in our programming and what is in store. Also we talk about the Spartan Race that we are doing next Sunday and what you should expect and bring.  L

Episode 7 19.5 of the Open and Final Team Results
March 26, 2019

The Open is done. Some of us barely survived. It was tough but I could not be prouder at how everyone stepped up and tackled these workouts head on.  In this episode, I talk about some of those people who were definitely the MVP's of the Open. Our team Ca

Episode 6 Crossfit Open 19.4
March 18, 2019

Hey guys! Find out what's happening here at Crossfit Eternal in the next few weeks. Also, tune in to see what happened at the Open 19.4 this past Friday. Which team is in the lead this week? Barbell Brigade or Squat Squad? Contact us at sheila@crossfitete

Episode 5 Open 19.3
March 11, 2019

 What's happening at Crossfit Eternal this week? Who's coming and what new stuff do we have for you? Check it out to see. In the second part of the episode, find out the crazy that was Open 19.3 and what all went down. I'll hold you on pins and needl

Episode 4 Open 19.2
March 04, 2019

Look for the latest happenings with us and find out the winners of the Open 19.2

Episode 3 19.1 Open
February 25, 2019

First workout of the 19.1 Open, we think it went really well and I'll share the winners with you in the podcast. Also, look forward to all the cool things we have going on in the upcoming few weeks. Contact me at   crossfit

Ep 2 The One with the Awesome Jay M
February 14, 2019

Jay is one of the nicest more down to earth guys you will come across. We can't make it any more plain than that. Dell got to talk with him a little and we get to let you know how awesome he is! Catch us at  / @crossfiteternal she