I Don't Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST

I Don't Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST

Inside Noah’s Ark with | Dr. Tim Chaffey

November 24, 2023

Can we REALLY believe in Noah’s ark? Practically speaking, the idea of a massive flood, a giant ark, a rainbow covenant, and the preservation of animals through the care of one small family on an ancient ship sounds outlandish at best. But are there legitimate answers to some of the most common objections raised by skeptics in regards to this well-known Bible story?

Earlier this month, Frank had the pleasure of visiting the Ark Encounter, which is an AMAZING exhibit that features a full-size replica of Noah’s ark based on the dimensions specified in the Bible. During his time at the Ark Encounter, Frank got to meet up with the founder, Ken Ham, and The Ark’s content manager, Dr. Timothy Chaffey. In this unique and exciting podcast episode, Tim joins Frank to answer some questions about Noah’s Ark and The Ark Encounter such as:

  • Around what time period did Noah enter the ark and how long did it take him to build it?
  • How did Noah track down all the different animals?
  • Could a million animal species fit on Noah’s ark?
  • What do young-earthers and old-earthers have in common?
  • Is there evidence for a global flood outside of the Bible?
  • What’s the origin story behind the Ark Encounter and were Kentucky tax dollars used to fund it?


Most atheists, scientists, and philosophers agree that space, time, and matter had a beginning out of nothing. While they won’t admit that God is the cause, they are admitting the evidence for the Bible’s greatest miracle–Genesis 1:1. And if Genesis 1:1 is actually true (and it is), then Noah’s ark is certainly possible! This podcast episode will only scratch the surface in the discussion of Noah’s ark, so be sure to pick up a copy of Tim’s book ‘Inside Noah’s Ark: Why It Worked‘ (co-authored by Laura Welch) and add an Ark Encounter visit to the top of your bucket list!

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Ark Encounter: https://arkencounter.com/

Purchase additional books by Tim here: https://bit.ly/49OOxvh

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